Navy Dillo Contract Awarded

AUSTIN, TX, September 14, 2011

The U.S. Navy has awarded Kuma Signals, LLC a $750,000 contract to further develop their Dillo platform, a wireless communications technology providing connectivity in extreme conditions. Kuma lands the contract as an extension of their $100,000 Phase I effort demonstrating the feasibility of Dillo.

The 2-year effort, which includes a $500,000 base contract with a $250,000 option, began in September and will result in a real-time demonstration of Dillo on military-grade software defined radios. Rockwell Collins, Inc. is providing their FlexNet radio platform as subcontractor on the effort.

“In the Phase I, we worked out the fundamental details of Dillo and prototyped it on a commercial software radio. Transitioning that prototype to an SCA-compliant platform during the Phase II contract will put us in a great position to quickly develop and market a deployable Dillo radio,” said Kuma Signals CEO Steven Peters.

Dillo integrates into the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS), the next-generation of wireless systems planned for the U.S. military. JTRS’s design for interoperability between forces must be easily maintained for future upgrades.

Executive Vice President of Engineering Robert Daniels is the Principle Investigator on the project, which was competitively awarded as part of the Small Business Innovation Research program. He says the Dillo platform is just the beginning of Kuma’s involvement in JTRS. “This contract is just the latest example of the relationships we’ve been building with the Department of Defense and their biggest contractors.”

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